Photo Shoot Producer

Brand Photography + Soccial Media

Brand Photography + Social Media, Brand, lifestyle and social media photography. For new brands and handmade products, kids products and lifestyle brands.

How to improve your social media and product images?

We know how difficult is to fit in the photoshoot for fresh started company or hand made brand. 

We want to help you improve your Easy Dawanda or Facebook shop. Make your Instagram, Pinterest and all social media unique. 

These photo packages include ready-to-share, strategic photo libraries that will build your visual brand and have all of your social media, public relations and marketing imagery needs covered. 

Everything without leaving your office, workshop or home. We’ll do it remotely and send you digitals.

How It Works

1. buy the package - here

2. You Send your products 

3. We shoot the photos

4. Photos are ready, and sharing begins!

PACKAGE of Brand Photo & Social Media Library

A package of 25 images. Fresh, strategic and ready-to-share photo library  to have you completely covered for all social media photo, plus have images for your web, public relations and marketing needs.  All pictures comes in jpg in a high resolution - printable. Comes in instagram and regular format.

You have seven seconds to engage your new client – make it count!

Your potential clients make eleven major decisions and formulate “a crucial impression” about you within the first seven seconds of meeting. Your customers and clients immediately unconsciously scan all of the sensory information about you and quickly make opinions and judgements based on this impression, both positively and negatively. In the new world of relying on websites and online media to make a first impression, your business image is crucial. The photographs you select for your online presence will leave a lasting impression, whether it’s positive or negative.

What do your current images say about you and your business?

Having images that capture and embody who you are and what you have to offer is the key to attracting and engaging your ideal clients. Images that exude professionalism and integrity and your personality, because it’s you who sets your business apart from the others! 

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