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Night Lamp

This Cosmo Bear is ready to fly into space! This time he landed in your night lamp to guard your good sleep.

Lightbox poster is a bedside lamp for posters specially printed on light-transmitting material. You can exchange the image for other posters lightbox posters from TakiPapier collection. Special print gives the magical effect of the lamp ideal for sleep. Warm light does not distract the child's thoughts. It facilitates melanin production and thanks to this makes falling asleep easier than blue light used in some night lamps. If your child is afraid of the dark, our warm LED light is a great solution.

This is an original and impressive decoration not only at home but also at parties, weddings or birthdays.

Made of high quality materials. You can place a lightbox on or hang on the wall.

Dimensions: 33 × 24 × 8 cm

Power supply: contact plug (180 cm cable)

Switch: black switch on the cable

Product made for order. The waiting time for the is up to 21 working days.

Set includes one poster from the collection of Taki Paper - in the ticks below you make a selection of the poster for his lamp.

zł 249.00zł 100.00

Handmade product for special order. The waiting time is 10-21 business days. We ship from Poland registered mail. Delivery time depends on your location and is 2-3 days for Poland, 3-10 days abroad.


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